Frequently Asked Questions

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Treatments address both acute and chronic conditions as well as provide general wellness and preventative care.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, managing a chronic disease, suffering from stress or anxiety, or seeking to enhance your energy or fertility, TCM can be very effective in helping you improve and maintain your health.

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Formulas can be prepared as a raw herbal package for cooking into a tea, as granules/powders or into capsules.  Phone consultations are available to those unable to travel to our location.

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Feel Good - Eliminate Pain, stress, anxiety, enhance your energy. Improve and maintain your health!


Frequently Asked Questions

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How may Acupuncture treatments will I need ... ?

  • Everybody's case is different, so the total number of treatments cannot be determined in

            advance.  However, if you do not see improvement by the third treatment, it does not mean

            that Acupuncture does not work, only that for whatever reason, we are currently unable to

            treat your current problem.

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How long will I have to take herbal medicine ... ?

  • The length of time will vary based on the type of symptoms that are presented.  In some cases, only a few days to a week.  In more serious cases it may take much longer.
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Do the Acupuncture needles hurt? What should I expect... ?

  • The needles may elicit a feeling of heaviness, an ache, warmth, or the sensation of energy traveling from one area of the body to another.  Once the needles are inserted, and mental hurdles are removed, most patients find Acupuncture to be therapeutic and quite relaxing.
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Is there anything I need to avoid after an Acupuncture treatment ... ?

  • Yes, Alcohol, hot spicy peppers/foods, and sesame seeds/oil for the following two days.
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Do you take Insurance ... ?

  • We do not bill insurance directly, as most patients do not have covered acupuncture benefits.  However, we can provide you with invoices needed for services rendered which you may use to seek reimbursement, if your plan permits.
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What methods of payment do you accept ... ?

  • Credit and Debit cards, personal checks, and of course, cash.
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